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Sexual Performance Supplement

Sexual Performance Supplement

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Sexual health and performance can affect your entire life. Intensity, passion, and desire. These are all at the pinnacle of a healthy, sexual experience. With our naturally-based supplement, you can expect a fiery sexual life and performance in the bedroom… or anywhere else.

Lion's Mane | Horny Goat Weed | Ashwagandha | Cordyceps | Oyster

+30 Capsules

With daily use, you can expect incredible, potential effects such as an increased libido, increased sexual performance, and an overall enhancement in your sexual experience. To set a sexual fire in the bedroom, try out our supplement.

+Directions for use: Take one capsule per day with water. Take with food if your stomach tends to be sensitive to taking supplements.

These are just a few potential health benefits from the incredible ingredients in this supplement:

+Lion’s Mane:
depression and anxiety

+Horny Goat Weed
increased blood flow
improved sexual performance
increased libido


exercise performance
heart health

blood sugar
gut health

+Made in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Came fast.

Although it is not a miracle treatment, it unquestionably improves this older man's performance. It was my wife who reminded me to place another order. She acknowledged that she was enjoying her increased satiety and strength. Even though I can't hang a wet beach towel off of it like I could in my 20s, the NootroFX sexual performance supplement has significantly improved it.

Works great

I am always eager to take it. I'm not a regular user, but I get a lot out of NootroFX sexual performance supplements.

Great deal

I have a pretty strong erection. My wife immediately noticed. I have not observed any adverse effects other than sleep loss due to greater sex. It has also helped with my blood pressure.

Not as expected

It's been approximately a week since I started taking it. I'm growing stronger and more energetic down there—worth the money.

Recommend definitely

Thanks to the NootroFX sexual performance supplement, I have the energy to have sex four times a day, which makes me happy. My wife appreciates how active I am and how I satisfy her during lovemaking.

Mushrooms you can trust

At NootroFX we are dedicated to a more holistic approach to health with a focus on sourcing the purest, highest quality fruiting body mushrooms available for our products.

  • Born in Canada

    Canadian-grown whole mushroom powders with mycelium and fruiting bodies.

  • Better nutrition made alot simpler

    Lovingly created by a passionate team in Vancouver, Canada,