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Reishi Supplement

Reishi Supplement

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Reishi mushrooms are nature’s way of supporting your immune system. In addition to boosting your overall immunity, Reishi mushrooms also have the potential to reduce fatigue that affects us so greatly. This supplement is a naturally-based way to boost your immunity in an absolutely uncertain world while supporting your body’s natural energy needs as well.

+30 Capsules

+Directions for use: Take one capsule per day with water. Take with food if your stomach tends to be sensitive to taking supplements.

With daily use of this supplement, you can expect potential health benefits such as boosted immunity with overall help for your immune system, as well as a natural increase in energy. Replace some of the chemicals in your life with this natural solution today.

These are just a few potential health benefits from the incredible ingredients in this supplement:


+Made in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Not really working yet

This Reishi works wonders! It is amazing in all ways. I got it for energy boost but it surpassed that by helping me with the constant chest burn I used to have. I love Nootro-Fx Reishi!

Seems to work well

I spoke to my colleague about how I want to ease my daughter pain. He recommended this Reishi and I gave it to her. I encouraged her to take at first but after a while she told me how this Nootro Reishimakes her day better.

Don't give up too soon!

My health has improved for the best! NootroFx Reishi has made me feel ten times younger. I am now doing things I used to find difficult to do. All thanks to it!

Sweet Melinda
Great product!!!.

If you are looking for the best Reishi supplement, then Nootro-Fx Reishi is the one for you. You get the best medicinal Reishi at a reasonable price. It has aided my breathing.

Wow!! Wow!! What a supplement

I've recommended this NootroFx to my family and friends. I used it and I started having trouble free sleeps. I'm glad to have gotten to know this awesome medicinal Reishi.

Mushrooms you can trust

At NootroFX we are dedicated to a more holistic approach to health with a focus on sourcing the purest, highest quality fruiting body mushrooms available for our products.

  • Born in Canada

    Canadian-grown whole mushroom powders with mycelium and fruiting bodies.

  • Better nutrition made alot simpler

    Lovingly created by a passionate team in Vancouver, Canada,