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Lion's Mane Supplement

Lion's Mane Supplement

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Lions Mane mushrooms are full of a plethora of incredible health benefits. Lions Mane is especially helpful if you suffer from anxiety or depression. Imagine taking a supplement each day that is naturally-based and is comprised of only the highest quality Lions Mane mushrooms. This supplement can help to redirect your life in the most amazing ways, including the potential to soothe your stress, anxiety, and depression without pumping your body full of dangerous chemicals, relying on nature to help you through each moment of your day.

+30 Capsules

+Directions for use: Take one capsule per day with water. Take with food if your stomach tends to be sensitive to taking supplements.

With continued, daily use of our Lions Mane Supplement, you can expect potential health benefits such as a decrease in stress and anxiety, as well as lowered depression levels. This product may truly change your life for the better in so many ways.

These are just a few potential health benefits from the incredible ingredients in this supplement:

+Lion’s Mane:
depression and anxiety

+Made in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews

I've never taken supplements before until NootroFx. Now I don't think I want to stop taking any Nootro Fx product. Lion's mane was worth every penny I spent on it.

Great Product

Amazing product, amazing packaging, amazing brand. I highly recommend.

Nuel T.
Recommend definitely

There's something about the taste. I also like the fact that my body didn't react harshly to it.

Tanner Hudson
Great deal

Since I started using this product, my body has felt better! Lion's Mane for the win!

J. Murphey
So far so good

I'm very glad I bought this product. It has greatly enhanced my mental clarity. This is an awesome product worth buying again.

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At NootroFX we are dedicated to a more holistic approach to health with a focus on sourcing the purest, highest quality fruiting body mushrooms available for our products.

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    Lovingly created by a passionate team in Vancouver, Canada,