About NootroBOX® - Supercharge Your Body & Brain Power

About NootroFX®

The founders here at NootroFX are dedicated to creating the highest quality products possible while educating people on the true power of these amazing mushrooms. The health, body, and mental benefits are truly phenomenal and should be shared with any and every one possible.

Our flagship product is a traditional coffee alternative richly filled with mushrooms and other good-for-you ingredients to create your new, favorite, morning ritual. This product was created to help to alleviate the anxiety that can come with drinking a traditional cup of morning coffee, while adding in the health benefits of several types of functional mushrooms.

In addition to our original coffee alternative, we will also carry several other health and supplement items including: Mushroom Greens, Mushroom Chais, Mushroom Supplements, Mushroom Gummy Bear Vitamins, and Mushroom Teas.

There is strong scientific evidence that mushrooms can be used to fight several health issues, increase immunity and contribute to overall health and wellness. Here are just a few examples of what each mushroom or supplement may help with:

Health Beneficial Mushroom Supplements & Superfoods

+Lion’s Mane:

depression and anxiety


exercise performance
heart health


liver health



+Turkey Tail

gut health


blood sugar
gut health


blood circulation
nutrition and vitamins
bone health


type 2 diabetes

Here at NootroFX,

We dedicate each and every day to creating the best products possible for our customers. Our customers are family to us and we only offer products that we truly and genuinely believe in and stand behind. Give one of our incredible products a try today.