Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey Tail Mushrooms


For many centuries, the Turkey Tail Mushrooms are idolised for the medicinal value they offer. For more traditional uses, they are used to make boiling water extract to extract the beta-glans which is a compound it has very high degrees. They can also be used to make tea. In today’s world, this mushroom is one of those plants that have been researched extensively because of its health benefits. Many clinical trials have reflected promising outcomes with different varieties of cancers.

Turkey Tail Is Grown Everywhere and Anywhere

Turkey Tail is a mushroom that has small pores instead of gills and can be found on fallen logs, dying trees and decaying stumps, growing naturally. They are often found in temperate forests. Its name is gotten from its striking resemblance with the fruiting body of a tail of a wild turkey and has many colours ranging from red to blue to green to brown. Since they are grown abundantly in the wild, it is harvested from the forest for use in medicine. The best part is once you know about it this mushroom, you begin to see it everywhere and look out for it!

Turkey Tail’s Immune Defense 

Above others, this mushroom has a gift level of beta-glucans that help the body’s immune system. This beta-glycine is soluble in water compounds that can control and interact with the body’s immune system and defend them in times of attack.

How to Get Your Turkey Tail?

Ranging from elixirs to pills to powders, you can get a wide range of extracts of organic mushrooms. All you just need to look for is the one perfect for you. You can even get some for your family and friends— we have more than enough to go around!


Beta-glucans: How do they work?

These Beta-glucans do not fight against diseases. What they do instead is that they trigger or stimulate the cells that are responsible for battling illnesses and helping body immunity. When these compounds get into the body, they pretend to be intruders and are consumed by the body’s immune cells. These cells, also kneeboarding as the macrophages are given to the lymph nodes. In there, these nodes are broken into tinned bits. These bits are then further released to the innate killer cells that prim them, giving them a quicker reaction to the body. They act like the Greek gift of a Trojan horse, which is to your advantage!


Two intriguing compounds have been separated from the various strains of the Turkey Tail Mushroom. They are.

  • Polysaccharide-k, also known as PSK or “Krestin”
  • Polysaccharide peptide is also known as PSP.

The PSK was first found in Japan in the 1960s while the PSP was separated from China in the 1980s. Studies have carried out two compounds because of their ability to give support to the body’s immune system and to reduce the side effects that follow chemotherapy.

A review that was published discovered that both compounds reduced the symptoms of chemotherapy, boosted the infiltration of tumours by the cytotoxic T-Cells and improved the production of cells. The article also highlighted their tested benefits to the quality and sustainability of love, radiation therapy that makes them suitable for the management of cancer regimens,

Multiple studies have also proven that PSK is a beneficial action to the chemotherapy process for cancers of various kinds ranging from breast to colorectal to lung to breast cancers and has been so since the 1970s in Japan.

Gut health

This mushroom has also been used traditionally to improve the health of the guy due to its prebiotic properties. Studies have also proven that PSP in particular possesses a prebiotic effect that can modify the faecal microbiota composition of humans.

A further study sought to compare the effects of PSP to those in amoxicillin which serves as an antibiotic on the gut microbiome of humans and it was found that it acts as a prebiotic to improve the intestinal microbiome composition of humans.

As an antioxidant

Turkey tail not only works as an immune supporting compound, but it also is home to a wide range of antioxidants which include flavonoids and phenols. A study proved 38 phenolic compounds. These studies have proven that an important amount of water extracted from T. Versicolor is a natural way of getting antioxidants.

Turkey Tail as an antivirus

Extracts gotten from Turkey Tail have to be proven to have properties of antivirus. The use of it as a supplement has helped to improve the immune system of patients with HIV and also drastically reduce the rate of inactivating herpes virus.


There are several benefits of the Turkey Tail Mushroom. And because we know that you deserve the best, we develop our products from the best organically and wildly grown turkey tail, to make compounds extracted by hot water easily and readily available to you. A few of these benefits are:

  • They have been screened for safety and quality.
  • There are no grains or fillers.
  • The entire body of fruiting mushrooms
Boiling water is extracted to give you benefits to the maximum.
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