Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps Mushrooms


For over 300 years, Cordyceps has been used as a remedy to treat chronic fatigue, low libido and kidney ailments of various kinds. In a more traditional setting, this fungus was made available only through the harvesting of Cordyceps Sinensis wildly which is a specie that grows on caterpillars naturally in the plateau areas of the Tibetan. This wild version, though odd ended up becoming a rare species, with a pound of it being sold for more than $20,000 US Dollars! Luckily, a different specie which we are as powerful was discovered. It is called Cordyceps militaris with the only distinction being that it does not require growth on insects and can be grown organically on soy and rice. This makes it a better option for us.

The Energy Mushroom

Cordyceps has potent and distinct compounds that promote endurance and energy to support your body’s immune system.

Evidence for Cordyceps

Distinct compounds in Cordyceps

Cordyceps has potent bioactive compounds. One of such is the Cordycepin upon which research has been carried out for its immunomodulating, antiviral and inflammatory attributes. The grow. Cordyceps militaris has been discovered to have about 90 times more cordycepin as compared to the wild Cordyceps Sinensis. This Cordyceps militaris has a fruiting body that has a great level of immune-boosting beta-glucans. This is largely greater than the supplements gotten from the mycelium contained in the Cordyceps Sinensis that are found on the grain which can be as low as 1%.

Does the Cordyceps grow on insects? 

There are different kinds of species for Cordyceps. These species are mostly parasitic and in most cases, grow on bugs naturally. Once the cordyceps sees an insect its spores will take over its mind and its body and eventually kill it. In the end, the mushroom will sprout through its head.

Luckily, it has all the power gotten from its zombie relations and does not need to prey on an insect. The entire fruiting body grows organically and can be sustained on a bed of soy and rice. Real Cordyceps militaris is fully vegan and are void of insects.


In traditional societies, cordyceps has been used to battle tiredness. In a 2015 random blind study, cordyceps were used to improve performance endurance, Metabolism and high-impact activities in the mid-age to the elderly. Further studies carried out on rats showed that adding Cordyceps militaris for two weeks will increase the time they could swim before getting exhausted in comparison to others.

Sexual Life.

The cordyceps has also been used to improve the sexual life of men. Studies in animal health have shown that it had also helped reproduction and studies on mice have substantiated that it has also aided to stimulate the production of testosterone.

Cordyceps also has nucleosides just like Cordycepin, which may aid viral replication. To add, the polysaccharides found in the cordyceps can also help to boost the immune viral system. These two make the Cordyceps a great compound to help your natural viral system.


There are several benefits of the Turkey Tail Mushroom. And because we know that you deserve the best, we develop our products from the best organically and wildly grown turkey tail, to make compounds extracted by hot water easily and readily available to you. A few of these benefits are:

  • They have been screened for safety and quality.
  • There are no grains or fillers.
  • The entire body of fruiting mushrooms
  • Boiling water is extracted to give you benefits to the maximum. 
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