How to Include Functional Mushrooms into your Comfort Foods

How to Include Functional Mushrooms into your Comfort Foods

As much as comfort foods are known to be good for the soul, many of these are not healthy. However, there happens to be a solution to this problem. You can increase the almost non-existent nutritional value of your comfort food with a little addition. This addition is in the functional mushroom superfood. In this article, we will discuss the different ways through which you can add functional mushrooms to increase the nutrient density of your comfort foods.

Add Mushroom Powder to the Soup

One of the best ways to overcome burnout or enjoy a cozy night is through a bowl of classic chicken noodles or a chicken tortilla soup. Whichever your choice is, you can add some mushroom powder to the soup to increase the nutritional value. Ensure that this mushroom powder is organic and comes in different appealing flavors.

A soup that is spiced up with mushroom powder is usually perfect for cold winter nights when the immune system of the human body is not at its best. You can get quality mushroom powders from NootroFX. These mushroom powders contain numerous ingredients that incorporate new flavor and taste to your soup while complementing the vegetables and other important items present in the soup. These mushroom powders also contain prebiotics, beta-glucans, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, minerals, and fibers that help support the body’s immune system.

Increase the Strength of your Chili with Mushroom Powder

Chili is so popular that it could be made into a meal itself. There are loads of recipes that have chili at their center. Mushroom powder could help make your chili recipe even better. There are different types of mushroom powder that work well with chili recipes. One provides you with the vitality and strength to tackle your daily activities. There is also another mushroom powder that helps the body recover from the stress and worn-out muscles that come with workout routines.

There is also a mushroom powder that goes well with homemade cornbread. This mushroom powder contains lots of nutrients ad beta-glucans that help the immune system remain strong in the face of diseases and infection. There is also a considerable quantity of prebiotics that helps with gut health and digestion.

Mushroom Powders Goes with Pasta Sauces

In a similar fashion with chili, there are lots of pasta recipes that people enjoy all year round. Mac and cheese, meatballs and spaghetti, Lasagna, Linguini Alfredo, and gnocchi. As delicious as all of these pasta recipes sound, you would never go wrong adding a mushroom powder to it. Adding mushroom powder to your pasta recipes helps improve the cognitive health of users. This means adding the mushroom powder to your pasta helps with your focus, creativity, memory, and clarity.

It also helps with mood enhancement. Improving your mood with mushroom powder is very helpful during cold weather. Mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga are examples of mushrooms whose powders give the aforementioned benefits.

Think Bread, Think Mushroom Powder

Be it chicken piccata, breaded pork chops, chicken cutlets, or chicken parmesan, your chicken recipes require breadcrumbs. You can add the mushroom powder to your breadcrumb mixture and enjoy the nutritional benefits of mushrooms with your breaded meals. You get to enjoy the adaptogenic and antioxidant properties present in the mushroom powder as well as the effective stress management functions that are present in the mushroom powder.

Chicken Pot Pie and Mushroom Powder Works Wonders

One of the leading comfort foods you will ever come across includes the chicken pot pie where you have peas topped with pie crust and a delicious creamy filling of carrots. With some mushroom powder, you get to relieve the stress during the holidays. There is also another mushroom powder that helps with healthy weight management and regulation of blood sugar.

Imagine Brownies and Mushroom Powders

How do we end this list without touching on options for people with a sweet tooth? If you have not considered mushroom powders for your desserts, you should. It balances both the nutrition and delicacy part. The same also goes for your chocolate brownies snack. Adding a few spoons of mushroom powder to your brownies gives the snacks some extra nutritional value. And you don’t have to worry about the mushroom powder changing the taste, you won’t even know that it is there.

Donuts are not left out

The next time you get a sweet tooth craving and you are looking to make donuts, remember that sprinkling a few spoons of mushroom powder could add a healthy twist to your snacks. Combine the mushroom powder with coconut oil, and you are set for a healthy snacking session. The same thing goes for frosting where you can add some organic beet powder, giving off a nice color as well as a nice flavor.  

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