Best humidifier for Growing Mushrooms

Proper humidity is one of the major routes for excellent mushroom growing, and this humidity must be real-time or per se the right time of the growing cycle of the mushroom. To start pinning and promoting the healthy growth of the mushroom, there is a requirement of much higher levels of humidity as a mushroom can be made up of about 90% water.

The need for proper humidity comes evident such that if there is lesser, there will be an effect on the fruit, and if it fruits, the caps may crack due to dryness—it may not fully develop. Also, when it is too wet, problems like bacterial blotch and other plant pests can destroy the excellent development of the mushroom.

Getting the right humidifier for a particular case can sometimes be tedious to determine, and this is why we are breaking down the various choices to help you pick the most suitable for your mushroom cultivation setup.

The Spray Bottle

You can implement spray bottles when you have a small fruiting place like a shotgun fruiting chamber or even a smaller one. All you need do is spray the walls of the chamber and allow for ventilation. This will help keep up with consistent humidity—pronounced deviations can destroy the fruiting process.

You can do this multiple times a day, and it is highly recommended to do this so that you can sustain a proper but high humidity. Wisdom demands that you not spray the mushroom straight as it can pose a significant danger to the fruit. For those using the short gun fruiting chamber style, spraying on the wall will help you conserve some perlite at the bottom of the chamber.

Wicking Humidifiers

The evaporating or wicking humidifiers are above the spray bottle earlier discussed. It is generally channeled into a fruiting chamber by connecting a PVC pipe to the unit's outlet. They work by wicking up water from a water source and supplying it over a larger space.

The relative humidity of the air within the chamber increases as air is blown over the chamber area using a fan that evaporates water. It is most suitable for dry environments as it will better the humidity in the fruiting chamber.

Though the humidifiers work well, they are very limited in how they can increase the humidity due to their design—they are self-regulated. Also, due to its difference in humidity, when placed in a chamber that is just fruiting, there may be the no-tendency for air to evaporate water as the chamber's humidity goes higher. However, this kind of humidifier works best for smaller grows. Even though not 100% as others, they can deliver up to about 90% efficiency, and that's fine.

Is the Ultrasonic The Best Humidifier Type for Growing Mushrooms

As confirmed by many, it is the best humidifier to use if you want to have a high success rate in growing mushrooms. They use spinning discs to work. These discs vaporize water droplets pumped out of the unit into the chamber.

Without any stringent constraints, you can increase the humidity level in a chamber by up to 100%. The humidifier can be located outside the chamber but channeled in, and it can alternatively be within the fruiting chamber. The advantage of piping over others is the introduction of fresh air, which combats CO2 levels, makes the fruits grow well.

Succinctly, it is recommended that an OFF/ON timer be used in these units. This is so that the humidity in the chamber can be controlled to avoid lots of water and avoid particular contaminations such as bacterial blotch or wet spots.

It is essential that you closely monitor the humidity of the chamber to know the level that is best for use in the chamber. This should be done while the humidifier is in operation for easy configuration of the timer. Also, clean the humidifier regularly so that bacteria do not flourish inside it, using freshwater or a bleach solution.

The discs unit that a humidifier has determines the level of humidity that it can generate. The Crane Tear Drop Ultrasonic Humidifier is an example of this category of humidifiers. It can draw and release a large amount of water. It has worked for large rooms such as the 4ft by 8ft grow room with 95% efficiency.

The Ultimate Humidifier for Growing Mushrooms

You should set up a multidisc floating ultrasonic humidifier if you want to increase the humidity in your growing area. Also described as the mist makers, they have several discs that stay afloat on water. You can simply place the float in a big bowl or bucket of water and put a fan to point at the bucket. Interestingly, they have been known to humidify a grow room of 4ft by 8ft to up to 95% humidity level within 2 minutes.

Change the water every few days to stop bacteria and molds from growing and contaminating your substrate. This humidifier is often used in an enclosed bucket with a fan pushing air through and pumping it into the grow room. This way, the fan doesn't have to be in the grow room, where the high humidity could affect its operation.

A grower may want to change the water content within a time frame to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold from contaminating the substrate. This humidifier is mainly used within an enclosed bucket with a fan directing air and pumping it into the room. If done this way, the fan does not have to be in the chamber or grow room, affecting its operation.

The disc may become worn or burnt out after extensive or excessive use. You have nothing to worry about as they can be easily replaced. The entire humidifier unit can last you for many mushrooms grows. Meanwhile, it is recommended that you get a hygrometer which you can use to check the humidity level.


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