The Top 16 Places To Visit in the World

The Top 16 Places To Visit in the World

The world is full of many different amazing places that you can visit, so it is quite difficult to compile a list of the best. A list of the best places to visit in the world has to include some of the most popular cities including London, Paris, New York, Rome, and so on, each of which has a wide range of amazing places to visit. There are some great must-see places in each of these cities including historical sites, monuments, and places of attraction. When you next want to go on a vacation, you can just choose one of these amazing places to visit.

  1. Maui, Hawaii

The island of Hawaii offers several great experiences for visitors. You can enjoy different beach-related activities like surfing and sunbathing, as well as some of the excellent cuisines in the city. There is also great accommodation to suit anyone that visits this beautiful island.

  1. Rome, Italy

The Eternal City, as it is commonly called, is essentially a large museum. You are surrounded by centuries of history in this somewhat small city, and you can visit a good number of places in a few days. Some must-see places include the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Vatican City, and of course, the Colosseum. There are also several great beaches in Rome that you can explore to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

The capital of Turkey offers some great history, culture, and food, and there is a lot to see in this beautiful city. You can spend the whole day doing loads of shopping through the many markets in Istanbul and then spend your night feasting on some great traditional Turkish food, and even dancing to some of their music. It is also very easy to move in and around Istanbul, so you don’t have to stress much about your transportation between different sites and places.

  1. New Zealand

The natural beauty and hospitality of its citizens are enough to make New Zealand one of the most preferred locations to visit in the world. This island nation is one of the best places you can visit, and you can start your trip by visiting the capital city of Auckland. Here, you will experience the great history and some beautiful culture, all well documented in their museums. You can also spend some time out on the beaches, or even sailing on the waters of New Zealand.

  1. Manhattan, New York

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs in New York City and it serves as home to more than two million people. The vibrant energy in New York City is unmatched and Manhattan is a great place to enjoy this energy in all its frenzy. Some of the best shops and restaurants in the world are located in this borough, as well as a wide range of activities you can engage in.

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru

This great city stands in the Andes mountains in Peru, and it is believed to have been built in the 15th century AS. The intricate stonework is beautiful and it is usually the first thing that amazes first-time visitors of the city. To be able to visit Machu Picchu, you will need to get a permit which is easily obtained from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture Reservation’s website. You have to get this permit about four months before your trip.

  1. Masai Mara, Kenya

The Masai Mara region of Kenya is one of the most popular safari destinations in the world. It offers people a great opportunity to see some beautiful wild animals like elephants, rhinos, cape buffaloes, leopards, and lions. There is a huge protected National Reserve park in the city and it gets a ton of visitors every year between July and August.

  1. Hong Kong

The largest city in Asia feels very much like New York because of the sheer vibrancy and number of things all happening at the same time. The giant skyscrapers and great business feel in the city also cause comparisons between Hong Kong and the Big Apple. But when you dive deeper into Hong Kong, you will begin to experience the culture that sets it apart from other Western cities like New York. There are some amazing places you can visit in Hong Kong, as well as some great traditional delicacies.

  1. Montreal, Canada

The beautiful cobblestone streets of Montreal make strolling a delight, and this historic city is full of many cafes and shops you can visit to get the whole Canadian experience. There is also an awesome food scene in the city, as well as some beautiful sites you can see throughout the picturesque city.

  1. Marrakesh, Morocco

The beautiful city of Marrakesh is known for its amazing culture on show. This is well displayed in the open square of Jemaa el-Fnaa in the city. The snake charmers, monkey trainers, belly dancers, music performers, and amateur boxing matches create an entertainment center that will keep your eyes and mind in a state of amazement. There are also some great food spots, as well as a huge antique market in the city. It is quite a popular tourist destination so transportation there is normally quick and easy.

  1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the biggest religious site in the world and it was initially established to be a Hindu temple and mausoleum in the early 12th century before it was changed to a Buddhist temple at the end of the same century. The beautiful temple area, as well as other ruin sites in the area, the city, and the palace make this place a top destination to explore.

  1. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is one of the great Spanish cities with a lot of history, and this city is very vibrant. This city has gone through a lot of downturns, resurgence, and revitalization, and it is now a modern city full of life. You can walk through the narrow city streets and walk along the impressive ancient city walls, taking in the view and the entire atmosphere of the city. It is another city that is quite easy to get to as there are daily flights to Cartagena from other major cities.

  1. Paris, France

The French capital is iconic for many things, but it is most popular for the massive structure that is the Eiffel Tower. This 300-meter-tall construction is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world, and it still draws droves of people every single year. It is a sight that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, and you can also enjoy it during your next vacation.

  1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

This beautiful sight is one of the seven wonders of the world and it is situated in the state of Arizona in the US. It is massive and almost difficult to comprehend when you stand in front of this natural wonder. The almost 300-mile canyon draws many visitors, who usually go to the area called the South Rim. This area has some great hiking trails into the Grand Canyon, and there are also some great accommodations available around the canyon.

  1. London, England

This is a historic city in England and it is full of amazing places you can visit. From the Tower of London to Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, as well as the London Eye. London is a city full of some great dining options, luxurious hotels, and some of the best shops in the world. It is also an entertainment center, and it has some amazing museums with some beautiful history being showcased. London is an amazing city to visit and there are so many places to explore that you might have to come more than once if you want to see them all.

  1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, and it sits in one of the most widely known cities in the world in California. The city is well known for being the home of Hollywood as well as Silicon Valley where some of the biggest tech companies in the world are headquartered. There are many places to visit in San Francisco, including the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, which is an engineering phenomenon.

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